Build a software testing service package that will help you achieve your outsourcing objectives and maximize your ROI

Testing Services

Our services at QAHero are in four major categories enabling our clients to pick and choose the ultimate package(s) that will meet their project’s requirements, risk and budgetary constraints. Within each category we offer different expertise and competency levels, per the client’s domain verticals. Service packages are very flexible in order to meet individual client goals. You can start with a small package that will include few manual testers acting as an extension of your exiting QA organization and taking on specific set of manual testing activities. Over time you can scale it up into other QA activities like performance testing and test automation as well as increase the outsourcing team responsibilities to test a complete module/version of your software including: manual testing, test automation, performance testing and test management.

Project and Technical Lead

The main objective of our QAHero leadership service is to align the outsourcing team with client’s goals, timelines and budget. The QAHero’s project manager is accountable for the outsourcing team’s performance and enables streamlined and efficient communication between the local team and the outsourcing service resources. Technical and project leadership scope is based on the selected service package.

Some of the services provided by our QAHero lead:

  • Requirements analysis and aligned test strategy
  • Risks analysis and mitigation plans
  • Outsourcing team daily project management
  • Test plans and test strategy management
  • Frequent communication with client’s points of contact
  • Tests and defects metrics reports and analysis

Manual Testing

Our QAHero manual testers are trained professionals with critical thinking skills that provide informative, credible and accountable timely feedback to our clients about the quality, fit and readiness of the software under test. We can offer different level of expertise for clients to choose from based on their software testing requirements and complexity. The scope of our manual testing services is based on the selected packages and skills level.

Some of the services provided by manual testing services:

  • Black/Gray/White box testing
  • Test planning, Execution and Reporting
  • Test suite management
  • Abnormal software behavior analysis
  • System resources and logs monitoring under test
  • Defects tracking, reporting and fixes verification
  • All manual testing type including: Smoke, Sanity, Acceptance, New features/stories, Regression, Components, Integrations, System, Compatibility, Configuration, Release Readiness, etc.

Load and Performance Testing

Our Load and Performance testing services help our clients ensure that their software meets the performance requirements and can scale up reliably within the target performance release criteria and resources consumption. Our trained performance engineering team can take on any load/stress or performance testing activities based on selected service package scopes.

Some of the services provided by our performance engineering team:

  • Review load and performance requirements
  • Design performance test strategy, scripts, scenarios, load, monitors, data population, configurations and environments
  • Tests execution, analysis and reporting
  • New features/stories performance and load testing
  • Test for performance degradation  during iterations
  • Release readiness load and performance testing
  • Scalability, Stress and overload testing
  • Performance benchmarking

Test Automation

QAHero test automation services help our clients build and maintain a reliable test automation framework and a set of test suites aimed at reducing risk, improve testing efficiency and early detection and verification of defects. Our trained test automation engineering team can integrate into existing operation and use the same framework. In addition, they are able to help you initialize test automation in your QA organization. Some of the services provided by our test automation engineering team:

  • Review client’s test automation goals and objectives
  • Test automation strategy and tooling
  • Build test automation framework or use existing
  • Automate target test and/or train QA engineers on framework
  • Test automation execution, review, defects reporting, maintenance and status generation
  • Test automation ROI analysis