Choose An Engagement Model Based On Your Existing Processes, Project’s Timeline And Requirements

Engagement Models

QAHero can provide you with a dedicated team that can be virtually integrated into your testing processes, standards and strategies. The superheroes in our HR department have a track record in sourcing top QA talent and assembling the ultimate testing team that will match your budgetary and profile requirements. Alternatively, you can choose to outsource a specific set of services to QAHero. QAHero will then take on all the hiring and project management responsibilities and provide you with outcomes based on your selected service level agreement.

Dedicated Testing Team

We highly recommend selecting this model as your initial outsourcing project as it is more flexible and requires basic level of documentations in order to start.

In this engagement model QAHero project manager will discuss your goals and objectives. Decide with you about the target team size, project duration and heroes profile and initiate the sourcing process. We interview all candidates internally and promote the top candidates for a set of final interviews with you. Our hiring process is very effective and historically, candidate rejection ratio by customer is very low.

Once we assemble your team we start training them on your process and product. When the team is up to speed you can start managing them directly the same way you manage your local teams. Our QAHero leads will ensure smooth and efficient communication and will provide day to day technical and managerial services to the outsourcing team. Additionally, he or she will provide timely and clear status on product quality, test coverage, defects, budget and any other set of metrics you would like to track for your product and project status reports.

Managed Testing Services

Managed testing services is a good long term engagement model for organizations that have previous experience working with an outsourcing team, have very detailed level of documentations for testing and project management and identified testing services that can be fully outsourced with minimum dependency on local teams. In this engagement model QAHero project manager will work with you to understand exactly the scope and detailed services you would like to outsource. Since every project and domain has its unique requirements we will work very closely to put together a mutually acceptable service level agreement. QAHero team will then assume full responsibility on the outsourced testing services including full lifecycle testing working directly with your stakeholders.

Hybrid engagement model

Hybrid engagement model is a good way to transition some of your dedicated teams into Managed Testing Services model. As an example, you can start with a dedicated team integrated into your release model for the full release lifecycle. Once a product is released to the market and the R&D responsibility has moved to your maintenance team you can choose to outsource all patches and service pack testing services to QAHero. Since our resources were trained on your product and created good level of testing documentation, such a move can become very natural for both organizations.