What some of our clients say about their experience partnering with QAHero


QAHero can provide you with your own dedicated team that can be virtually integrated into your testing processes, standards and strategy. The superheroes in our HR department has a track record in sourcing top QA talent and assembling the ultimate testing team that will match your budgetary and profile requirements.


While we are a real estate company, we rely heavily on technology to enable cost effective management for our properties and owners. Our assigned QA Hero team allow us to deploy new technologies and web applications without the need to hire in house testing personnel, while allowing a high level of skill and understanding. They are a god send.

Sammy Kahen

7 Seas Investment Group

T.E.D is a hardware and software innovation allowing emergency services to navigate the street with confidence and security. QA Hero played a vital role in testing our prototype solution. Our dedicated QA Hero personnel are knowledgeable, smart, and reliable. We would not even consider a release without their approval.

Dawn Tropiano

TED Lights

Uber Aiir is at the forefront of air travel, allowing pilots to share their empty seats with passengers who are looking for a fast and safe way to travel. We have been using QA Hero for two years now, and find the service very reliable, not to mention cost effective. The ability to spend less money for a high end quality assurance allowed us to focus our local resources on innovation and leave the QA work to QA Hero.

Bob Larson


When we started planning our new software release it was clear to our executive team that we need to do things differently this time if we want to meet the software requirements and timeline for this release. The QAHero team was very professional and provided tremendous help in test strategy and early risk detection and mitigation.


Lester Fernandez

Head of R&D, LivePOS

QAHero has provided ongoing testing services during RoboPutt development cycles. We needed our local R&D team focused on the robotic-side software thus had to outsource all our backend and reporting testing to QAHero. The Heroes team was up to speed instantly and freed up local resources leading to a successful release of our product.


Joe Sery

CEO, Robo Innovations

I outsourced one of our main module software testing to QAHero and was very satisfied with the quality of the work, the team performance and proficiency. We had a great cross team communication and it felt like the QAHero engineers were part of our local agile teams. I am looking forward to our next successful cooperation!


Gilad Moyal

QA Manager, Outsmarttelecom

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