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About Us

The transformation in software development process and technology in the past seven years created a need for different type of software testing outsourcing services. Software development organizations are expected to: release new meaningful features more frequently, run on any device, use new distribution channels while meeting a much higher usability and quality expectations by clients. QAHero was established to help customers by partnering with them and helping them deliver a high quality product to the market.

QAHero’s customer-centric business model tailors the ultimate outsourcing service package(s) that takes into account the client’s goals, technology, domain, processes and budgetary requirements.

If you simply need “a hand” to get your software out on time and on quality, or if you have accumulated tests and defects debt that is now inhibiting your organizations ability to innovate, contact us and we will get our superheroes your way!


Yaron Gabbai


Yaron Gabbai is a seasoned executive with more than 15 years of experience leading large distributed enterprise software engineering groups at fortune 100 companies.

Mr. Gabbai believes that software testing has fundamentally changed with new technologies and software development/release methodologies and this is the reason why he decided to start the QAHero Company and offer clients a more modernized and up to date outsourcing testing services. QAHero is built from the ground up on the most recent software engineering fundamentals of agility, mobility and virtualization. Having those pillars in our DNA help us to easily integrate into customers’ existing processes and have an ultimate alignment with their goals and objectives.

One of the most recent companies Mr. Gabbai worked for was Hewlett-Packard where he managed an international R&D organization that built enterprise software products, which generated more than $200M in revenues.

Mr. Gabbai graduated cum laude from the Bar-Ilan University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.


Liad Biton


Liad Biton, 38, is a serial entrepreneur and President of QA Hero Inc, Quality assurance outsourcing services company managed solution provider based out of San Diego, CA. Liad spends his days collaborating with his teams around the world, supporting over 1,000 customers in 10+ countries. Spanning across four offices (US, China, Philippines, Israel) the QA Hero team is focused on their customer’s success, and continues to drive the industry of Quality assurance managed solutions for enterprise customer. Liad’s hobbies include scuba diving, motorcycle racing, and as an avid pilot, Liad enjoys flying with his wife and three beautiful children to different destinations around the country.


Shirley Garrobo

Chief Talent Officer

Ms. Shirley Garrobo has 10 years hands-on experience in human resources including policy design, implementation, recruiting, benefits administration, payroll, performance management, career development, employee relations and management. Her experience spans startups companies and established organizations.

During her career Ms. Garrobo was a Human Resources Officer in multiple companies where she supported 100+ employees and partnered with other sister companies in the same field to ensure alignment of HR strategies and goals.

Ms. Garrobo’s main role in QAHero is to attract and retain the top software testing professionals while managing benefits programs and development of policies and procedures.